Query Data From Zuora Object

Query Data From Zuora Object


This tutorial talks about how to query data from Zuora object using Zuora connector.


  • Installing Zuora connector (by login into Anypoint exchange from studio you can install the Salesforce connector)
  • Zuora developer account
  • Anypoint Studio


  • Create an Mule Applicatio
  • If Zuora connecter is already present drag the Query Operation or else add the Zuora Module from Exchange
  • Configure the connection details with Zuora API Credentials and use the Basic Username and Password connection (Username, Password).
  • Get the details of the Zuora object and configure the listener to trigger the request

Zuora Connector Configuration

  • Provide the Query string to retrieve the records as shown in the picture below image.png
  • Deploy / Run the application and trigger the endpoint using postman